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Our Story

Hey everyone 👋🏼I’m Megg, the owner of Fable.

While travelling in Vietnam three years ago, I fell in love with their handwoven belly baskets 🧺. I came home, setup this website, took pre-orders, and ordered my first shipment of baskets to sell online. I needed to save money for my next import so, instead of couriering my Cape Town orders, Andrew (he’s part of the team that makes sure the online store runs smoothly 👨🏼‍💻) and I packed our car full of orders and spent the whole day driving around the Cape hand-delivering belly baskets. The hustle was real!

Since then, I’ve slowly grown my little business and haven’t looked back. 
I live in Cape Town and run my business from home. I don’t have kids yet. For now, Fable and Bear 🐶(my pup in the photo) are my babies. I love podcasts, coffee, Alice bands & for now I work hard to travel the world!

I love all the moments I’ve shared with you all on social media and in emails. From your letter board milestones, to sending me photos of your baby’s nursery with a few Fable products placed here and there. That’s what it's all about for me and I couldn’t do this without you - thank you guys! 💕

All my love, Megg 🌸