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Fable Gift Voucher

Fable Gift Voucher

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A perfect gift for someone in your life that loves decor, stationery or is expecting a little one soon. Choose from R500 - R3000. 

How Does It Work?

Choose a gift voucher value from R500 - R3000 & add it to your cart. 

Once payment has been processed - after 12 hours, we will send you a digital copy of your gift voucher with a custom promo code to use. It will be sent to you in PDF format so you can print it out. 

Please make sure your email address is entered correctly so that your gift voucher can make it to you safely. 

T & C's

Each voucher is valid for 1 year. 

Each promo code can only be used once. 

A Gift Voucher is only redeemable for orders with a value of R500 or more.