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Belly Basket | Natural

Belly Basket | Natural

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A household storage solution for bits & bobs, a laundry basket, indoor plant holder or a simple touch of decor. 

Fits perfectly in any lounge, bedroom, office, kids room or nursery.

Made with love in Vietnam. Handwoven from natural seagrass. 

The paint used is water based and a seal is not used for health reason. Overtime, if used often the paint could flake. 


Available in a medium & small size.

Dimensions: Medium - W: 42cm x H: 36-40cm (height might vary)

Dimensions: Small - W: 37cm x H: 32-33cm (height might vary)

Dimensions & characteristic of each basket may differ slightly due to being handmade.


Belly basket delivery takes 5-7 working days. 

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