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100% Merino Wool Knit Blankets | Natural

100% Merino Wool Knit Blankets | Natural

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All luxury knit blankets by Mooo are made from 100% South African Merino Wool. 

Merino wool products are well known for their warmth, resilience, natural elasticity and softness, making it an ideal baby blanket or a cosy blanket for the house.

The merino wool is soft on your skin, attracts less dust, it's stain resistant & keeps you warm by generating heat. 

Sizes Available

1kg Mini - 70 x 60 cm

  • A soft & timeless baby blanket. Fits snug as a bug in a cot.

3 kg Throw - 100 x 120 cm

  • Perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a good book & tea.

5 kg Middle - 150 x 140 cm

  • Can fit on the couch or  be draped  or folded on a single bed.

6 kg Queen - 150 x 160 cm

  • The Queen is perfect for a standard size double bed.

8 kg King - 150 x 200 cm

  • The biggest size available & a cosy cloud to share on a large bed.

Made With Love 

The 100% Merino Wool Knit Blanket is not mass produced. 

Each 100% Merino Wool Knit Blanket is made with love by Mooo. It takes 4-6 weeks to complete a luxury knit blanket. We will try get your order delivered to you promptly.

Each 100% Merino Wool Knit Blanket is uniquely hand crafted by Mooo, sizes will vary slightly and measurements may change within a few cm's due to the natural shift in the wool roving. 

Learn all about how to take care of your 100% Merino Wool Knit Blanket →


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