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10 Ways To Use Your Letter Board

10 Ways To Use Your Letter Board

It's no surprise how much I love a letter board. I noticed them making a comeback two years ago and I knew I had to stock them on my online store. Fast forward to now, felt letter boards are one of the top sellers on the store! You love them just as much.  

These classic felt boards were a firm favourite back in the day when used in school photos, in stores as price lists, and in coffee shops as menus. It's lovely to see them make a comeback and be used in all sorts of ways.
Fable letter boards come with two sheets of plastic letters, which includes plastic numbers and some fun emojis. Our new letter board set also comes with a small pair of scissors to cut the letters off with (I heard your pleas about your constant broken nails!), a cotton drawstring bag to keep your plastic letters safe in and a flat wooden letter board stand. Whenever I think we've seen every way you can use a letter board, another customer has tagged Fable into a photo showing a new way our to use your letter board.
Here are a 10 ways to use your new Fable letter board...

1. Announce Your Pregnancy 

Share it in a flat lay announcement like Delrae | We Are The Spiller's  

Princess on the way! Share the news like Christie Miles 

Get the whole family involved in your pregnancy announcement like Chenel & her boys. Raising Wildings

2. Capture Your Little One's First Day of School

Keep memories for when they're older to look back on like Cody | Raising Bentley and Carter
First day moments you'll never forget like Bongi | Ndibambe 

3. Share The Wifi Password For Your Office or Coffee Shop

Hang your felt letter board on the wall of your coffee shop or office to make it easy for people to see your wifi password. Thanks for the idea, Deborah Pure Sweet Joy 

4. Capture Monthly Milestone Moments 


Capture your little one's monthly milestone moments like Demi | That Lucas Life.

Celebrate another month with your babe like TeriChoose A Row. Imagine looking back on these memories one day!


Just too cute, Michelle Coetsee!

Happy half a year, Evie-Rae | Bianca 

5. Mamahood Moments


Have some fun in the chaos like Mari-Louise - Just A Mamma | Just A Mamma Blog 

❤︎ Tracey | Milk Memoirs Blog

6. Take Photos of Your Pregnancy Milestones

Create a due date countdown flat lay like Tarryn | Little Josh and Noah

 You'll get to look back on these bump moments! | Demi Lucas Blog 

Use quotes or song lyrics on your board to capture your halfway there mark like Josie Vans 

7. Have Some Fun with your letter board in family photos 

Don't just take a Christmas family photo. Take a Christmas family photo like Tracey! | Milk Memoirs Blog

8. Wedding Decor

A classic touch of fun in your wedding photos | Chelsea Mara Photography 

9.  Birthday Party Decor


 Zihan | The Adventures of Little Z 

Lisa | One Modern Mom 

10. Bachelorette Party Fun

Last weekend before a surname change! You can also create cheeky quotes to use as a prop in bachelorette photos. Shannon | shan_lim_b


Thank you to each and every one of you that tags us into your letter board photos. I love receiving them ♡ If you would like to order your own letter board head to our store.

Here is the full list of bloggers and customers that allowed me to use their beautiful photos. Thank you for letting me include your photos. I couldn't do it without you! If you love their photos I have used in this post, go follow them and get in touch. 

Delrae | @thrills.and.spills_ |

Christie | @christie_miless 

Chenel | @raising.wildings |

Cody | @raising_bentley.and.carter

Bongi | @ndibambe

Deborah | @puresweetjoy | |

Demi | @demilucasblog |

Teri | @choosearow |

Michelle | @michellecoetsee

Mari-Louise | @justamamma |

Bianca | @biancasbeautifulmessylife

Tarryn | @littlejosh.and.noah

Josie | @josie_vans

Tracey | @traxgport |

Zihan | @the.adventure.of.little.z

Lisa | @onemodernmom | | @kindredkindphoto

Shannon | @shan_lim_b

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Michelle - October 8, 2019

We love ours!!! And love this post!

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