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5 Ways To Use Your Belly Basket

These seagrass gems, have quickly become a must-have in every home. We love them, you love them and it's not hard to see why. The belly basket is versatile and its uses are endless. 

Still not too sure what to use your belly basket for? I'm going to share 5 uses with you:

1. Indoor Plant Holder

Place your indoor plant in a belly basket. The belly basket instantly transforms the plant into a statement piece in any room. The green leaves of the plant burst with colour alongside the seagrass of the basket. A popular indoor plant used by many of my customers is the delicious monster or a tall palm, which can create height in a room. Be sure to place a tray under your plant to catch any excess water that might trickle out. Your belly basket doesn't love water all that much.  

2. Laundry Basket

I live in an apartment in town. Space is limited, especially in my bathroom which I have tried to keep as simple and spacious as possible. To avoid placing an eyesore of a laundry basket in an already tiny space, I use my medium sized belly basket. It fits perfectly between my bath and basin. It's out of the way & still adds a simple Scandinavian inspired touch. 

3. A Nursery Must-Have

Calling all mamas! Since launching belly baskets a number of my customer have been expecting moms or moms with toddlers. I have loved hearing what you all use your belly baskets for in your nurseries! Belly baskets serve as a versatile item for moms needing to declutter, create some sense of organisation or add a simply beautiful touch of decor to their baby's nursery.

A few belly basket uses for your baby's nursery are toy storage, nappy holder, blanket or swaddle holder, shoe storage as well as a mini laundry basket for baby. 

 Photo from the lovely Pure Sweet Joy blog. 

4. Blanket Holder

Place your belly basket next to your couch and pop all your rolled up blankets in it. Your belly basket will look gorgeous next to your couch or bed. If in doubt, go with the natural coloured belly basket. It works with every style & colour palette!

5. Vegetable or Fruit Basket

Did you know you can collapse your belly basket? Fold your belly basket down and it can easily fit onto a smaller shelf, place it on your countertop or store it in a kitchen cupboard. You can store all your weekly vegetables or fruit into it. Stylish organisation in the kitchen! 

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